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Christianity and the Importance of a New Star Wisdom

Unrevised Lecture by Willi Sucher - January 1952

(Great Oppositions: 10 April, 15 October 1951, and 21 February 1952)


Since the 16th Century, we have not accepted the pre-Copernican theory that the Sun moves around the Earth. This is why yesterday we spoke from the point of view of the Three Kings, which was that the Earth was the center of the universe.

We dont have the time now to deal with the new world conceptions in detail, but we will only visualize that great, invisible, six-pointed Star in which the Earth swims, which is created by the conjunctions and oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter (drawingin constellation of Fishes 7 BC).

The ancients called this six-pointed Star Venus, which was actually created by the movement of Saturn and Jupiter, moving through the heavens like a piece of chalk held in the hand of a Great Being making gestures in the firmament. It is the Star of the Divine Wisdom, the great cosmic overshadowing by the celestial Mother of both Solomon and David, and Solomons seal. We may ponder about an idea as human beings, and perhaps it comes to fruition in external manifestation only after a year or so. The Three Kings also realized this, through this Star of the Divine Sophia.

The Moon was also in a certain position at that time, which is called its perigee. It is nearest to the Earth at that time, and we can look through it as a great gateway into the cosmic Spiritual worlds. This must have also been seen by the Three Kings.

What I have to tell you is based on absolute astronomical facts, which I shall try to translate into a language of the soul it is not sheer fantasy. These Kings in 7 BC, looked through the gateway of the Moon to see past the Great Conjunctions between Saturn and Jupiter in the constellation of Fishes, and they read these events as though they were letters inscribed into the sky. We know that the Being of Saturn bears the totality of the first beginnings, while Jupiter holds the house of those Great Spiritual Beings who prepare the far future in its highest revelations.

More congenial to our modern age, we can call Saturn the Alpha (the Beginning) and Jupiter the Omega (the End). The Magi recognized, by their profound vision, that the Great Being (the Christ) who was both Alpha and Omega was about to rest upon the Earth. Davids Star was the Royal Star, and it was the magnificent wisdom that radiated until its mission was over. Then it lost its majesty and supreme quality, its state of inner seclusion and inner vision. It became more external, more tradition. At the moment of this great Event, when Christ came to the Earth, the whole relationship of humanity and the cosmos changed.

The vision of the Kings was that of the Child of the Sun resting on the Earth in the Womb of the Virgin the Bearer of the Sun come to Earth. When Christ came to Earth, the Spirit of the Sun came to Earth for three years at the Baptism in the Jordan of Jesus.

What is the Sun? As I have experienced and perceived it this disk of fire and light as a point of absolute energy and intelligence. Physical objects are in a state of inertia. We are bound by gravity to the Earth. We know that we have to battle continuously against this condition of inertia. That which does not wish to change is concerned with space. Try to conceive what is anti-space and anti-inertia, and you will realize a conception of absolute energy.

The Sun excludes material existence. It is not only nothing; it is less than nothing. Only through mathematical calculation can we express the minus quality that is less than nothing. The Sun might be described as a hole in space. It holds the universe at its command, because it draws the whole universe toward its surface by the power of its absolute energy, with anti-space at its center.

All is drawn to the center in order to be transformed and translated to a higher level of existence. Around this center is a circle of beings, who act as a process of digestion for this activity. Therein lies the dwelling of the Elohim. We can visualize the Earth in its variations, passing through this vortex of space-stream, which is being reflected toward the surface of the Sun. Thus the Earth catches particles of this space substance from the Sun, incorporated in the Earth as the Kingdoms of Nature. Fundamentally, these particles come from the fixed-star world of the Zodiac.

The mineral and plant kingdom can be divided up into twelve great varieties of substance, and the animal kingdom into twelve great species. The twelve great Divine Thoughts of the celestial world, the twelve great Images of Divine Thinking were incorporated into the Kingdoms of Nature. However, all this changed at the time of Christ. The Elohim work in the regions of the Sun, and had a supreme Guide to direct them in their great work of Creation, and this great Guide was the Christ, Who was then incorporated into the body of Jesus the Spirit of the Sun Who entered the Earth at the Baptism.

These things cannot be explained mechanistically. Christ had left the Sun and was united with the Earth, and He said, I shall be with you always, even to the end of the Earth. The Sun will carry on with its activity of reproduction for a time, even though the Christ has left it, just as a watch goes on, once it has been wound up.

Can we really grasp the fact that the Spirit of the Sun entered our Earth at Golgotha? We have fragmentary documents from the time of Christ, including the Pistis Sophia, which describe the activities of the apostles after the time of Christ. They speak of Christ appearing as both gigantic and minute to their vision. They even say that Christ taught them dancing, which we can only understand as the dancing of the spheres. This conception of the Risen Christ is a tremendous problem for our modern mind. But it is easier when we realize that Christ was the great Sun Being that non-spatial Entity Who could do all that the Sun could in the past and reproduce its activity. He can clothe Himself in human form and appear as He did, because He held that Incorruptible Body beyond the rule of the space world and its decay. He could even clothe Himself in the form of a single flower. Christ has been experienced everywhere by many Christians who have developed open eyes and open minds.

Cosmic substance continuously streams down onto the Earth, a constant flow of cosmic forces ready to dive into what the Earth can offer of material substance. Cosmic Energy the Father of the cosmos and material substance the Earthly Mother can reproduce the living Being in this Earth. The kingdom of the plants is an innocent one. Having no astral body with its passions, it has not been involved in the human Fall. It has remained in its past condition, un-evolved to the power of thoughts and consciousness of human beings.

Imagine the merest substances of wheat grain and grape vine the bread and the wine of the communion. These contain earthly matter, cosmic energy and force, which we take and offer to the Son, the cosmic Sun Being of the Earth. This is similar to Christs offering to His Disciples. That non-spatial Sun Being of the Earth can clothe Himself in these substances, so that they may return to us and help us prepare a new Creation of Him. We can take part in all that has been initiated since the Events in Palestine.

The cosmic forces dwell in all of us. In our power of thinking, we have climbed to a certain level of existence, to the highest aspect we have yet attained, for even our body still remains in the realm of the unconscious. If we could realize how the celestial stars are present in our thoughts, we would forget the haughty attitude of our usual thoughts, find a lowly corner, and kneel down to confess a new humility.

Let us take the following example. During the year 1921, shortly after the Great War, which was followed by a massive chaos of problems in every sphere of human life, there was a Great Opposition between Saturn and Jupiter, with Jupiter setting in the West as Saturn rises in the East in the constellation of Virgin. This is an Event living in human thoughts more than we think, for these two planets indicate this piling up of problems onto humanity. The Earth, with the Sun Being at its center, stands between this great cosmic stream. The cosmos indicates the truth of St. Pauls travailing and groaning of the universe toward redemption, and we are faced with one of the most supreme tasks of humanity.

We have to offer not only the bread and the wine, but the whole Being of the Christ Spirit of the Earth, and above all, our thoughts. When we learn to sacrifice and offer the Christ Being in the Earth, then we will find our redemption. It is indeed true that Christ can enter the Bread and the Wine.

Our problems and our thoughts will also return to us as solutions or redemptions, to become healing in the future. It is the same cosmic substance, indwelt by the Christ, that returns to us in both cases, whether in bread or in wine or in our thought processes. This substance is returned in small matters as well as in great ones.

Thoughts are ideas that have been offered to Christ and can return from Him to the human realm as creative impulses and feelings, and they can become the building stones of the New Jerusalem.

This is the new relationship between human beings and the cosmos. The guiding features of the past were such as those to the Three Kings. The future demands that through our deed and inner relationships to Christ, we can sacrifice and offer to Him not only our own being, but that of the whole cosmos, which lives ever present within us. In this manner we can also contribute our share to the Redemption of the cosmos and of the Stars. Then, once again, these Heavenly Beings can come to Earth, if we will only remove the barrier of materialistic concepts, which veil them from our sight.

This is but a small attempt to suggest a new creative connection with the starry worlds. It is a subject that demands an immense concentration and a strong foundation of external facts. In view of the immensity of the task, this has failed in many respects. However, live with these imaginations and pictures and they will open new gates into ever greater imaginations and expectations.


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