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It is with joy and gratitude that I welcome this first printed edition of Willi Suchers works, The Changing Countenance of Cosmology and Cosmic Christianity. Born at the beginning of this century, Willi Sucher devoted his life to helping humanity find a renewed relationship to the world of the stars. Working out of the suggestions of Rudolf Steiner and his close colleague Elisabeth Vreede, Sucher laid an all-embracing foundation for a new Christian star wisdom within which we human beings are shown our potential to rise to co-creators within the ongoing stream of evolution.

This publication presents the contents of a series of lectures and work sessions in which there was an active exchange between lecturer and participants at Hawkwood College, England, in 1969. Soon after, Willi Sucher revised them for publication in booklet form. For the current publication, further editing and minor revisions have been made, still preserving the individual style of presentation of the original text.

A short biographical introduction to Willi Sucher follows, giving the background of the unfolding of his life work, which has become known as Astrosophy, Wisdom of the Stars. As can be read there, shortly before his death in 1985, he founded the Astrosophy Research Center with a group of supporters. This center now houses and cares for his copious notes, charts, personal library, and various leaflets on his research work, all of which are available for study at the center. There are also a lending library, various leaflets for sale, and the possibility for accommodations on request. For further information, contact the Astrosophy Research Center (see contact information on page 2 or page 191).

May this be the first of other publications that will enable more people to become aware of Willi Suchers gift to humanity, that they may join those of us who are already grateful for the enrichment he has brought to our lives. Born out of spiritual science, this new star wisdom is already helping in many realms of life, for instance in agriculture, medicine, and education. It bears a potential by which we can develop an insight to enable us to meet the challenge of our time in a positive way.

HAZEL STRAKER, 27 February 1992



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