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In 1938, Willi Sucher and his wife Helen packed a suitcase and left Germany for England “for a short time to study”. They knew that they would not be going back until the conditions in Germany had radically changed, as it was becoming impossible for Willi to carry on his chosen work because he was already under suspicion by the Nazi government.

Early in his life, Willi had felt the need for a new star wisdom, and after meeting the ideas of Rudolf Steiner in 1919, this search became his life task. His wife Helen, whom he married in 1927, greatly supported him in this, as did Dr. Elizabeth Vreede, whom he met in that same year. Dr. Vreede had been given the task by Dr. Steiner to research and build up a new star wisdom compatible with the present stage of consciousness in humanity. For this she had set up a Mathematical-Astronomical Section in the Goetheanum at Dornach in Switzerland. She became Willi's guide and encourager during 11 years of fruitful collaboration until they were cut short by the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany and the ensuing World War II.

Willi and Helen had been invited to Sunfield Children's Home (for children in need of special care) by Fred Geuter, its co-founder with Michael Wilson. Soon after the outbreak of the war, all the men who had recently come from Germany were interned, and Willi was sent to the Isle of Man. Anticipating this, Willi had already packed his astronomical tables and by good fortune was able to take them with him and thus carry on his research. Ever after, he regarded this as an especially fruitful time in his life where he could work intensively, both alone and with like-minded colleagues interned with him.

The letters, published in this book, were systematically written soon after his release and sent out to a number of subscribers. Their rich content is the fruit of years of meticulous research, consolidated and refined during the time of internment. Willi's penetration into numerous areas of humanity's connection with the stars continued up to his death, in 1985. While his various publications exhibit only a portion of the enormity of his researches, the basic foundations are contained in these Letters.

As a long time associate of Willi and Helen Sucher, I am delighted and deeply grateful that these Letters are now available to a wider circle of those following up this search for a new star wisdom, which moves toward ASTROSOPHY.

Hazel Straker 
June 1999 

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