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Isis Sophia I

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One can read from the biography of Willi Sucher, included in his books Isis Sophia II and Cosmic Christianity, how he was able to immigrate to England in 1937–8, and was held in a detention camp during World War II from about 1940 to 1942. When he was released, he went first to Scotland and then back to Sunfield in London about 1944. These letters were written at the end of the War, which is somewhat “carried” as a reality in the deep feeling often expressed in them.

From the background of his immense amount of research, Willi writes of historical events in connection with star events over the course of humanity's physical evolution. Using historical examples, he tries to awaken an understanding of our past and future tasks. Although the reader is not required to do the same research, understanding and application of it does require the same kind of dedication and desire to uncover the mysteries of one's own and humanity's destiny. To aid in the understanding and application of this work, the Astrosophy Research Center opens its doors to all questions — by phone, mail, fax, e-mail, or from visits — at no charge except for a small fee for those who would like to visit and reserve a room at the Center for research or study.

These letters have been slightly edited to conform to a more modern style of punctuation, capitalization, and gender use; omitted are the monthly calendars of star events that were appended to the letters — except where the content seemed to be part of the letters. The notations or additions that appear in [brackets] in the text are made by the editors.

Our thanks go out to all the individuals who helped to make this publication possible, with special thanks to Shirley Latessa for her long and ongoing support. And thanks to Robert and Irene Jaros for their help with this publication.

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