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World Hour of the Events in Palestine

Unrevised Lecture by Willi Sucher - 9 September 1951, Wemyss Bay


Tonight we will study the star events during the time of Christ's life, when He dwelt in the body of Jesus for three years. This Event was prophesied by the early prophets, but other people also knew of it, especially in Ancient Persia through their great teacher, Zarathustra.

We will now look into the details of the whole configuration of the stars at that moment of the history of our planet and its humanity. In the rhythm of the stars, we see the chronicle of the processes of creation recapitulating like some great cosmic brain actively, remembering that is, performing externally with this rhythmic movement of the stars.

Embryology confirms this, wherein the pre-natal life of the human being recapitulates the evolution of fish, mammal, human. The living memory of creation continuously imprints itself into early embryonic development and takes on the human form from quite unlikely previous formations. During this same time, the planets and the whole Zodiac imprint themselves into this human form of our physical body, which bears the mark of the cosmic world and the great memories of creation.

Looking back to Palestine, we expect quite a special kind of cosmic memory, for now a body can come into existence to bear the highest that the world can encompass the Christ Impulse.

We have spoken previously of an ensouled Earth in a living, active universe, and that the vernal and autumnal points are those two points in the cosmos representing where the feeling of the Earth and the willing of the universe harmonize a meeting place between living Earth and vital cosmos.

The vernal point moves through the Zodiac, taking 2,160 years to move from one constellation to another preceding constellation, moving opposite the Sun, Moon and planets. (If we watch the Full Moon for several nights, we can see it moving eastward.) Two thousand years ago this vernal point was significant as a moment of intercourse between the Earth and the cosmos in the constellation of Fishes, as a transition from Ram. Tonight we will recreate the Celtic experience of the stars at the circumference, and from there look down on the Earth. We can thus feel extended in space as though living on the periphery, rather than as looking up at the Zodiac. The radiation of feeling and willing into cosmic space from the Earth needs this Zodiac. The meeting place of the conversation 2,000 years ago was between the signs of Aries and Virgo, as Aries moved into the constellation of Fishes. It will take approximately 26,000 years for the vernal point to reach that same position again. The crossing of the vernal point from Fishes to Waterman (the Age of Aquarius) will also be a significant moment, but the crossing was even more significant 2,000 years previously.

Our body is but the expression or manifestation of a living cosmos, which the Zodiac represents as the body of a Divine world. During the embryonic months, the human head acquires spiritual substance through the constellation of Ram, which stands for the archetypal head of divinity, whereas Bull represents the larynx, and therein we find the Divine Word the first line in the Gospel of St. John) while Fishes brings us the feet. The Divine body is more exalted than the human body, but it is the best to which we can compare it. We reverently realize it to be Divinely magical and different from our comparatively powerless physical body.

The transition of the vernal point from Ram to Fishes is remarkable in history. It took place 26,000 years before our era, and will only take place again 26,000 years past our era. At the turn of our era there was a Divine interplay between Earth and the universe, perfected when at last it reached Aries, the head. In the Celts there lived a realization of that magnitude in history, as a great cycle of evolution was completed in such an exceptional manner and which must eventually reach its great climax. If we compare it with the even greater universal rhythms of evolution, 26,000 years is a comparatively small cycle of time; for some of these, concerning the relationship of Sun and Earth, can last for more than 100,000 years. However, the hand of the cosmic clock indicated that the world Hour had come. The greater rhythms are beyond us, being as profound as scientific astronomy; but there are many indications of these in the cosmos, and this one is the movement of the vernal point.

At that time, there was also the smaller rhythm of the planet Saturn, which moves through the Zodiac in the opposite direction to the vernal point. It takes a little under 30 full years to move through the Zodiac. In this time of the Palestine Events, Saturn was in the constellation of Twins. Jesus was baptized at the age of 30. The traditional date of his birth still remains correct, and he was 30 years old by Christmas of 30 AD. His Baptism was on 6 January of the year 31AD, when Saturn was in the constellation of Twins. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on 25 December, and the birth of John the Baptist on 24 June, for he was born six months before Jesus. There is no historical confirmation for these dates, but tradition contains deep wisdom, confirmed by cosmological study. The Sun at that time of 25 December was standing in the constellation of Goat, and at the end of June it was in the constellation of Crab. These positions of the Sun indicate an ending, and when these two Beings entered the Earth, they became independent of the Mother, for until then only the cosmos would work upon matter and substance. The stars can only work upon matter while it is in a liquid form.

The conception of John must have taken place at Michaelmas. There is a deep spiritual background to conception. The human being has been on a long journey before descending into matter, revealing itself in the cosmos as a huge head, which gradually shrinks. We experience the totality of the universe and the cosmos of the stars as like unto a great head. This head drops down at conception, after which the limbs grow onto it. At conception it is almost as if lightning took hold of it, and taking the head from the perfect circle, or sphere, of its completion, the head becomes elongated. Lightning comes from the cosmos, so to speak, and takes hold of the substance of matter. So it was with John at Michaelmas; this cosmic lightening took hold of this head and elongated it, building it up during the following nine months. There is empirical proof for this. The same process happened to Jesus, making them like twins.

Saturn had a different impact on these two. Saturn is like a cosmic speaking, or indicating, of earthly achievement, making the position favorable for certain Divine events, if Earth conditions are favorable too. Saturn was the Greek Chronos, the Master of Time, the Divine Memory of evolution, preparing step by step through long ages of creation for the entry of the Divine I AM into the Earth evolution, so that the Spirit of the cosmos could enter into a human frame. This occurred at the Baptism in the River Jordan in 31 AD. Saturn worked upon the body of Jesus so as to transform and mold it, in the constellations of Twins/Crab, into the vessel for the I AM of the universe, while John experienced it as something above himself, overshadowing him. Johns body was prepared to witness the birth of the I AM of the world into the body of Jesus.

Saturn moved into the constellation of Crab that year, entering the cosmic vision of the head of John. That year John was imprisoned and was finally beheaded. The earliest stages of Saturn evolution only give us the first foundations for the sense organs, which were of a quite different nature to ours of today. We think that the senses only grew in humans in response to the external world, but the creation of the sense organs and the external, physical world went together. This is what Saturn would recall in the constellation of Crab. The whole configuration of our universe has changed since Christ; but at that time, Saturn would speak through Crab that the time has come to recognize divinity through the sense organization.

John had now reached the moment that almost suggests the end of an evolution. When he saw the heavens open at the Baptism and spoke out of Divine inspiration, Behold, the Lamb of God, then his task was finished. At such a moment, the cosmic vision of his head lost significance and could be sacrificed. Yet, at that very moment, Christs vessel underwent a moment of transformation. Johns own sacrifice was later brought about by his beheading.

However inadequate, perhaps this talk has given you the impression that the whole cosmos was in such a position that the vessel was fully prepared at that significant moment, when on the Earth the body of Jesus was prepared for the entry of the Christ as the Spirit of Jesus and to dwell in it for three years.


Answers to questions:

  1. The vernal point having moved, the situation is now quite different. Saturn is now in the constellation of Virgin. However, if it were in Crab now, it would still speak of the great cosmic memory of the foundation of the sense organs. Goat has three different symbols: .old maps, it is always given a fish tail. In relation to the head, Goat can always be seen like this: . The same fish tail and spiral organ in the brain:. But in the head it would be involution and evolution, thereby creating the skull. (Golgotha place of the skull.) Saturn in Crab would also remember the Crucifixion and Resurrection. In effect, there must be a reversal from death to life, speaking of what must be achieved here on the Earth by a Christianized human race.
  2. One can go back to about Libra in this way, which would bring one to the middle stages of Atlantis, beyond which precise calculations are impossible, or valueless.
  3. Seven steps of Initiation are related to the planets. St. Matthew gives us 42 generations, taking us back to Abraham. St. Luke gives us 77, which take us back to Adam. There are also 84 viewpoints, the capacity for which we must achieve for initiation the seven planets and the twelve constellations are thus represented: 7 x 12 = 84. Seven is concerned with time, periods of life, archangelic periods, cultural ages, etc. Twelve is concerned with space. Our human form is twelve-fold, therefore the secrets of the Zodiac contain the transition from the limited standpoint to the universal viewpoint, i.e., to look at things from the circumference, from twelve points of view; this is the achievement for which we aim. The sevenfold represents the stages, steps, or processes of initiation. There are also twelve philosophies connected with the Zodiac.
  4. The three signs left out of the Suns path during embryonic development represent that cosmic head which is the residue of our past incarnations. It is our burden, as John the Baptist felt it to be. The whole past with its accumulated wisdom is concentrated in the head. In the Welsh Grail story, a platter with a head is brought in instead of the Vessel. The Druids had a comprehensive knowledge of astronomy, and there is a Druid stone on the Clyde Bank, revealing the star movements and showing a clear Celtic realization, of which little now remains. In all myths we find traces of a great cosmic catastrophe, where the sky fell. This may well be connected with Atlantis, for there is still the old Celtic saying, We fear nothing but that the sky should fall to the Earth.
  5. The whole cosmic solar system moves toward the region of the Christ Impulse in the heavens; that is, toward the Earth. We note how the constellation of Hercules has the Crown on one side the symbol of rulership, kinghood and service for the Earth, and on the other side the Lyre of Orpheus, which came from Apollo and can be called the instrument of the harmony of the spheres. The Divine instrument indicating that humanity moves toward a new Divine cosmic-harmony.


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