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Lectures from 1952

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The Cosmos is the House of God

Unrevised and Incomplete Lecture by Willi Sucher,

Albrighton Hall, 29 December 1952 (Morning)


The cosmos of the stars is the House of God. We must distinguish between the Beings of the Hierarchies and the manifestation of the hierarchies. The stars in the cosmos influence the organization of our bodies. During the embryonic development, there is what we might call in the embryo, a reproduction of the star movements. Our materialistic age has had its hand in determining the effects of the impulses of the stars. If we realize that we are not only a material body, then we can eventually see our body as the vessel that has to be filled with the content of the I, our individual being. What I do within my body is my own concern, and one possibility is the way in which I experience my vessel in order to attain knowledge of the higher worlds. The experience of Christ does not come from the stars but from within.

Heredity is that gift that we receive from the stars, however, not only from the stars. Some things must be prepared for the soul who wants to incarnate, but it need not determine the soul. We take the ingredients of heredity to model it into our human-hood. At the age of seven, we cannot speak of heredity any longer, for in the time of seven years the whole body has been completely changed. Therefore, after seven years, the body becomes our own. Really, always two things are going together ...

The Sun in Archer is connected with certain hierarchies. A human organization may be created, that is, only the body in its spirit form. We should look at our body as an artist who is entrusted with certain tasks that are our aim for the life. It is in the freedom of human nature to work toward the future. Whether planets influence us during our life depends entirely on each one of us individually. If we do nothing but just follow along, then the planets will determine our destiny.

There was a member of the anthroposophical movement who was told by the astrologers that she would die from an accident, but she did not die, although she was in an accident. She asked Dr. Steiner about it, and he said that the calculations were correct, but through her contact with anthroposophy and her efforts with meditations and strivings for change in herself, she did not die a physical death, but she experienced death on another level.

Our first seven years are under the Moon influence and encompass heredity. From 7 to 14, there is another step toward freedom. The creation of our individuality is between 38 and 42 years.

Music will bring capacities in a healthy body through breathing. This capacity will work in a future life, also in a healthy body. Music, itself, is a kind of star wisdom. A musical person has the possibility to listen to the Harmonies of the Spheres after death. Interest in the stars gives the possibility to live with the hierarchical Beings.

What we can do out of the Christ Impulse can help the cosmos to take a step forward. Without Him, the cosmos will take a step back.


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